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Professional-Grade Septic System Drain-Field Restoration and Maintenance

Avoid Clogged Septic Drain fields With OXY-Septic available at

Avoid / Clear Clogged Drain fields With ecoGeeks OXY-Septic

• Nontoxic and Fast Acting ecoGeeks OXY-Septic works to clean and clear your  septic drain field faster than enzyme or bacteria products.

You can buy OXY-Septic now at or at OUR AMAZON.COM STORE.

• The ONLY Solution for EMERGENCY Use – ecoGeeks OXY-Septic is the only available septic drain-field treatment solution that can potentially restore a clogged drain field to working order.

In addition to stimulating and activating the beneficial bacteria that exists in all septic systems, the churning action of pure oxygen being released  increases fluid flow immediately by breaking up solids that have clogged out flow holes in your septic system drain field plumbing.

Increase Flow and Improve Long Term Stability – ecoGeeks OXY-Septic increases fluid flow immediately by breaking up solids with concentrated oxygen. Oxygen stimulates beneficial Aerobic Bacteria, increasing your drain field’s efficiency and absorption capability.

Save Thousands of Dollars – This inexpensive treatment can help prolong the life of your drain field and help to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Buy ecoGeeks Drain Field Restorer at

You can buy OXY-Septic RIGHT NOW at or at OUR AMAZON.COM STORE.
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ecoGeeks OXY-Septic includes the highest allowed concentration of sodium percarbonate; an oxygen bleach especially formulated for use in septic systems.  ecoGeeks OXY-Septic is an environmentally safe product that naturally reacts with the buildup of sulfides in the drain-field (also called leach fields or absorption fields). This chemical reaction produces oxygen and a nontoxic material which flows and allows the soil’s bacteria to work.

The increase in oxygen does two important thing to improve your drain field’s ability to absorb liquid:
1) Aids in maintaining the environment of the system’s natural aerobic bacteria
2) Reduces the soil compaction creating passages for water to flow.

There are no toxic by-products left in the soil after using ecoGeeks OXY-Septic.

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