What is a Drain Field?

What is a Septic System Drain Field?

What is a Septic System Drain Field?

Septic drain fields (or leach fields / leach drains) are used to remove contaminants and impurities from the effluent that emerges from the septic tank. A septic tank, the septic drain field, and the associated piping compose a complete septic system. The septic drain field is used for disposal of organic materials readily broken down by a microbial ecosystem. The drain field typically consists of an arrangement of trenches containing perforated pipes and porous material (often gravel) covered by a layer of soil to prevent animals and surface runoff from reaching the waste-water distributed within those trenches.

Primary design considerations are hydraulic for the volume of waste-water requiring disposal and broken down for the long-term biochemical oxygen demand of the waste-water.

OXY-Septic increases fluid flow immediately by breaking up solids with concentrated oxygen.  Oxygen stimulates beneficial Aerobic Bacteria, increasing your drain field’s efficiency.

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Where is My Distribution Box?

Where is my Septic System Distribution Box?

Please see the illustration below: Your distribution box will be located between your septic tank and your leach / drain field.

Your distribution box may have a riser or PVC pipe exposed above ground. If so, you can generally add OXY-Septic directly through the riser. If not, you will have to dig to the distribution box and add the product directly to it.

The septic professional who pumps your septic tank can help you locate your distribution box.

Where is My Septic System Distribution Box to apply OXY-Septic?

Where is My Distribution Box to apply OXY-Septic?

For best results, add OXY-Septic directly to the distribution box.

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More Questions and Answers for OXY-Septic

Additional FAQs for OXY-Septic

Use OXY-Septic for Maintenance

Tom asks:  I just used OXY-Septic last month and my drainfield is functioning again! My My question is can I use OXY-Septic for maintenance?

Mick answers:  Thanks Tom – yes, absolutely you can use OXY-Septic as maintenance to prevent problems!  Several customers tell us they use OXY-Septic annually and some every six months.


For Drywell Systems

Robert asks:  I have a drywell system, where should I put the OXY-Septic?

Mick answers:  First mix the OXY-septic with hot water then put it directly in the drywell.


For Two Tank Systems

Susan asks:

Re: OXY-Septic Home I have a pumped septic system with
two tanks b/c my soil is full of clay. The first receives the waste,
the second allows the waste in a liquid form to be pumped into the
drainfield. Can I use this product and if so, should I put it in the
second tank with the pump?

Mick answers:  It would be best to put the product directly into the outflow of the second tank where the liquid goes in to the drain field, this outflow is the distribution box.  However, if there is no actual distribution box then put the OXY Septic into your second tank, the one that pumps out to the field.

Helpful Tip: To keep your septic system working, ALWAYS keep some kind of screen over your washing machine’s outflow to catch lint. Lint can, over time, completely clog your septic system.

For Eljen Fabric System:

Customer in New Hampshire asks:

Can I use OXY-Septic with my Eljen  septic system, this has a fabric base rather than rocks?

Mick answers: Yes, OXY-Septic will work with your Eljen system.

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